Treatment for Bunions

Prevent your bunion from getting worse by following these helpful day-to-day tips for healthier living.bunions

A bunion shouldn’t affect what you do on a daily basis, and yet for some people, this is an all-too-common reality. Before your bunion becomes too severe, your podiatrist Dr. Jay G. Levine in Nanuet, NY and serving the Rockland County and the Hudson Valley Region offers up some tips on how to best manage bunion symptoms and prevent pain.

Some people may have bunions but not experience symptoms. In this case, treatment may not be needed; however, you’ll still want to make sure that you are wearing comfortable, roomy shoes that won’t make your condition worse.

If pain and swelling are the two issues you battle often when it comes to having bunions, here are some easy methods you can use to reduce the frequency of these symptoms:

  • Only wear shoes that provide ample room for your toes to move around. The shoes you wear should never put pressure on your bunion. Opt for shoes that provide ideal arch support and don’t have a heel.
  • Talk to your Rockland County, NY, foot doctor about arch supports or custom shoe inserts that can properly distribute the weight to all areas of your foot so that you aren’t dealing with pain or pressure.
  • Apply a moleskin patch or bunion pad over the area before slipping into shoes to help prevent chafing or rubbing.
  • Whenever you are sitting down or resting, remember to prop your feet up. Elevating your feet above your heart can help keep swelling down.

If your bunion pain has become severe or your bunion is so bad that even walking hurts, then it’s time you called Dr. Levine in Nanuet, NY and serving the Rockland County area at 845-623-5933 to scheduled an appointment.