Jared Leto Film Role Weight Gain Causes Battle with Gout

goutJared Leto has had a hard-fought battle against Gout recently. The frontman for 30 Seconds to Mars experienced health complications as a result of the incredible weight gain he required to play the part of John Lennon’s killer, Mark Chapman, in the upcoming film Chapter 27.

The almost seventy pounds of new weight caused the incredibly painful inflammatory arthritis that characterizes the condition, as well as the unhealthy and dramatic increase in cholesterol—a problem that Leto’s doctors felt was severe enough that they prescribed him an extremely strong medication, Lipitor, used almost exclusively on the elderly.

Leto did lose both the weight and the cholesterol, citing his band and frequent touring as key to his success. "I lost a lot of it by going on tour; not straight away, but I was still kinda waddling around onstage for the first few dates, and eventually it came back off, thank God."

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What is gout?

Diseases of the feet can affect the whole body, and symptoms usually arise within the feet. A condition like gout can make a patient’s ability to walk unbearable.  The pain caused by this disease is often so agonizing that it requires elevation of the feet and some time off for them to fully recover.

Known in the past as “the disease of kings”, Gout is caused by an excess of uric acid in the body. Some common symptoms include pain, inflammation, and redness at the metatarsal/phalangeal joint of the base big toe. This buildup of acid is typically seen on the big toe of the foot and can cause inflammation, redness and swelling. Although these are common symptoms of the diseases others include joint pain, extreme fatigue and a high fever. 

Gout can be treated by NSAIDs, which relieves pain and inflammation and other drugs which lowers the acid levels in the body.

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