Celebrity Blames Weight Gain on Broken Foot

valerie bertinelliThree months ago, One Day at a Time star Valerie Bertinelli sustained a broken foot. The 53 year old actress earns much of her fame due to being a spokeswoman for the Jenny Craig diet, but it seems that the lost weight she touted has come back. In an appearance on the Talk, Bertinelli said that she has not been able to work out because of her injury.

However, Bertinelli believes the real shame goes towards those who would taunt her because of her weight. “I started thinking, ‘Why do I feel so much shame?’ Because the cameras are on me? Because the paparazzi can’t wait to get a picture of me looking like I’ve gained a few pounds? We have to take the shame out of it! It’s not fair!” The soon to be 54 year old actress is reportedly going back to the gym, however.

A broken foot can be very painful. If you injured your foot, come see podiatrists Dr. Jay G. Levine and Dr. Stephanie Maurais. Our podiatrists can determine whether or not your foot is broken and recommend the appropriate treatment that will work best for your injuries.  

Broken Foot Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

A broken foot is caused by one of the bones in the foot ‘breaking’, or fracturing. Bones typically break when the bone is bended, crushed, or stretched beyond its natural capabilities. Usually the location of the fracture indicates how the break occurred, whether it was through an object, fall, or any other type of injury.  

Common Symptoms of Broken Feet:

· Bruising
· Pain
· Redness
· Swelling
· Blue (foot)
· Numbness
· Cold
· Misshapen
· Cuts
· Deformities

Those who are experiencing any of these symptoms, or suspect that they have a broken foot, should seek medical attention in a center where x-rays can be performed. This is especially urgent if any of the symptoms include numbness, blue coloring, cold feet, cuts, misshapen toes or deformities as these indicate more severe cases.

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